Playground Activities That Can Help Your Child's Development

Playground Activities That Can Help Your Child's Development

Aug 20th 2019

Playground Activities That Can Help Your Child's Development

To put it simply, playgrounds are beneficial to children of all ages because they’re the perfect places for mental and physical development. Kids can develop multiple skills, which includes their fine and gross motor skills as well as their sensory skills. Below, we lay out a few popular playground activities that can help your child's development.

Ball Games

One of the first things children learn to do in an open field is interact with a ball. When you catch, dribble, kick, roll, or throw a ball, your body and mind must work together to perform that specific movement. Ball games encourage better timing and strong eye-hand coordination. Plus, kids will even learn good sportsmanship.

Climbing on a Jungle Gym

Climbing is the ultimate full-body workout for kids—it not only helps them develop strong muscles, but it’s also a beneficial cardiovascular exercise. To reach the top of the structure, children need to coordinate their movements to make their way up without falling.

Free Play

Children need the opportunity to play spontaneously; Sanford Health affirms that “unstructured outdoor play helps kids learn to take turns, share, and develop other positive behavioral skills.” Running around and just being a kid also naturally improves endurance. When you’re at the park, remember to give your child the freedom to let their imagination take over during this time.

Rings and Trapeze Bars

Contraptions that hang from a playset are a fun challenge for children. Rings and trapeze bars build upper body strength, as children must hold themselves up with their arms and shoulders. It also takes great concentration to stay suspended in the air.


Although swinging is a simple activity, it’s fantastic for the core and lower body. While kids are on swings, they must have good posture and pump their legs to swing higher. Swinging also teaches children about timing; they need to bend their legs while they move backward and straighten them as they swing forward.

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