The Benefits of an Outdoor Youth Rec Center

The Benefits of an Outdoor Youth Rec Center

Jun 29th 2020

The Benefits of an Outdoor Youth Rec Center

Recreation is essential for young people. It brings additional connection with both nature and peers, encourages movement, and focuses on fun and enjoyment rather than forced learning. Where gym classes encourage movement, connection, and enjoyment, these ideals can often fall on deaf ears, as children feel forced to do so. Recreation pushes against that forced mindset and works because it grabs hold of the “free play” idea.

Youth rec centers are a fabulous creation for the above reasons and many more. If you’re on the fence as to whether a recreation center is what your community needs, take a look below. We’ve listed out some of the benefits of an outdoor youth rec center—from providing an open space for connection to helping the youth stay healthy. Check it out!

Promotes Sensitivity to Cultural Diversity

One of the loveliest aspects of an inclusive recreation center is that it breaks down unfamiliarity, fear, isolation, and other factors that can often be associated with leaving out particular groups of people. Rec centers promote positive contacts between different ethnic groups and within the community as a whole. When children of different backgrounds are all playing soccer together, they’re not thinking about how their teammate is looks “different” from them. Rather, they’re just enjoying playing the sport with a friend.

Encourages Social Interaction

When kids have free time and they’re able to go and hang out at the rec center, they’re likely to build relationships with those around them. Whether they’re hanging out at the playground or swimming at the pool, these interactions with other children their age and simply the people around them are building blocks to solid development. Though there should often be some sort of adult supervision, the best and most freeing play for children is often the kind that is free of adult decisions.

Helps Maintain Healthy Lifestyles

In the most basic sense, one of the main benefits of an outdoor youth rec center is that it encourages movement; it maintains a healthy lifestyle for the children. The rec center can be grandiose or simple—either way, it will still promote activities that get kids moving and keep them moving. Whether it’s tag on playground, basketball on the court, or volleyball in the sandpit, there are so many ways kids can utilize the space to stay active and stay healthy.

Provides Essential Nature Exploration

Another key benefit to outdoor rec centers is that they encourage outdoor exploration more than their indoor equivalent. When the kids can head out on a walk around the grounds, picnic on the outdoor furniture, or learn more about the insects crawling around in the garden, they’re developing key skills for the future. They’ll learn the importance of preserving nature, the joy of spending time in the sunshine, and so much more. When you provide a place that’s all about outdoor fun, you’ll teach kids that outdoor fun is always available.

These are just a few of the reasons why outdoor rec centers are essential for youth and communities. If you need help stocking up your recreation center, turn to Discount Playground Supply. We have outdoor fitness stations to promote healthy and active living for all ages, playgrounds for the little ones to explore, park benches, and so much more. Take a look at our offerings and see what an outdoor haven you could create for the youth in your community. Shop now!