The Benefits of Public Parks for Seniors

The Benefits of Public Parks for Seniors

Jan 24th 2020

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Our local parks do wonders for many. They bring in potential residents, provide a space for children to play freely, and offer green space that many urban areas lack. Truth be told, the benefits of parks, playgrounds, and green spaces expand much further than those three aspects. In fact, a big advantage of green space is what they do for seniors. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of public parks for seniors. From providing a community to supplying a place for fresh air and movement, these parks make a positive impact on many lives. Learn more about it and find ways to add elements to your park that seniors will enjoy!

Provide an Intergenerational Community

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of making a park more inclusive. Not just for those with disabilities and children, but for older generations as well. A park that can provide a nice, inclusive space for all is a park that’s quite beneficial for seniors. All park goers involved will benefit from an intergenerational community—one where they can see and create relationships with people of all ages. Seniors will love getting to watch children laugh and play, bringing joy to their life they may not get at nursing homes and the like.

Improve Self-Esteem and Mental Health

Parks and green spaces also help improve seniors’ self-esteem and mental health. Parks come with a community, which means an opportunity to connect and build relationships. That relationship building and interpersonal connection will steadily boost the mental health and stability of those who may not often be around others.

Supply Fresh Air and Nature

This is a benefit for park-goers no matter their age. Parks, playgrounds, and open green spaces provide an opportunity for people to get a much-needed breath of fresh air. For those who are consistently indoors, parks provide a chance to get out and breathe in. The more wheelchair accessible the park is, the better, as it gives everyone the chance to breathe in the fresh air and explore the natural beauty around them.

Allow for Light Physical Activity

In that same vein, parks also provide seniors a chance for physical movement. Whether it’s a stroll around the greenery or an area for light yoga and stretching, parks allow seniors to stretch out. If they’re stuck indoors, chances are there are limits on their movement. Take them outdoors to the joy of the parks and they’ll get low-impact, highly beneficial activity. When you include an outdoor fitness station, for example, that’s just another opportunity to get some movement and exercise while in a relaxing environment.

Create a Sense of Security

The last benefit of public parks for seniors that we’ll discuss is the sense of security they bring. Parks, quite inevitably, feel safe to many people—seniors may not have that where they are. Parks provide green space and the fresh air they crave in an environment that’s safe for them to explore.

Quick Additions to Make Your Park More Senior-Friendly

  • Make sure your paths are wide enough for wheelchairs and walkers
  • Add plenty of benches along pathways for people to stop
  • Offer greater choices—passive or active recreation, sun or shade, movable chairs
  • Provide senior-friendly activities

For all of your park needs, turn to Discount Playground Supply. We have what you need to make your park more senior-friendly—from outdoor fitness stations to wide park benches. Make your park an intergenerational haven for those who want to build relationships—you won’t regret it!