The Brief History of How Gaga Ball Got Its Name

The Brief History of How Gaga Ball Got Its Name

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Apr 4th 2022

The Brief History of How Gaga Ball Got Its Name

Everyone has a favorite childhood game, and many remember playing it every day after school or at summer camp. Now, our kids are playing many of the same games we grew up with, so we have many fond memories to look back on as they get older. Here’s a lesson on the brief history of how gaga ball got its name and how to play the game.

What Is Gaga Ball?

Gaga ball is a game with a fascinating, unique history. Israeli counselors brought gaga ball to North America several decades ago, and since then, the game has become popular on every playground.

In 1977, Israeli counselors came up with a game similar to dodgeball but safer and more fun and challenging. Others have claimed this game was developed in the 1950s at a summer camp in New York. Regardless of who came up with the game first, the unique name came from the Israeli counselors in 1977.

How To Play Gaga Ball

In gaga ball, players don’t run from either side of a gym to participate. Instead, everyone plays in a pit or on a surface with a barricade. The game starts when a player bounces the ball once and everyone shouts “ga.” Then everyone shouts again on a second bounce.

After the second count, it’s time for survival mode. To prevent from getting eliminated, players need to ensure that the ball doesn’t hit them below the knees. If a player gets hit below the knees, then they’re out. If a player hits the ball out of bounds, no one is out.

Many people wonder if they can use their hands in gaga ball. In a way, you can; however, you can only use one hand to throw or hit the ball. You can’t catch or grip the ball, or else you will be eliminated.

Why Kids Should Play Gaga Ball

Many people remember learning important life lessons and growing stronger bonds with others while playing games, even when their team lost. Games teach valuable leadership, communication, and collaborative skills to hone and use later in life.

Children should play gaga ball because it teaches skills like agility and communication and encourages a healthier mindset while outside playing.

As you develop a playground, you might need ideas on equipment to engage children. A gaga ball pit kit will give children the opportunity to develop new skills they can use in their development. Keep in mind the brief history of gaga ball and how it got its name as you build your playground amenities.

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