The Incredible Benefits of Sandbox Play for Young Kids

The Incredible Benefits of Sandbox Play for Young Kids

Apr 12th 2019

Do you remember playing in the sandbox at your favorite park as a child? You likely have fond memories of this outdoor activity. Children learn a host of skills through sandbox play that can help them succeed in the future. We explore the benefits of sandbox play for young kids, and we also identify equipment you can buy to complement your sandbox.

Benefits of Sandbox Play

Kids undoubtedly need playtime to develop essential learning skills. According to Edutopia, recess sessions that  last at least an hour have the most potential to promote creative play. A big advantage of a children’s sandbox is that it allows little ones to experiment and use their imaginations.

There’s no wrong way to play with sand. Whether a child builds a sandcastle or draws shapes in the sand’s gritty texture, a sandbox gives them the opportunity to learn more about their senses and the world.

A commercial sandbox also strengthens collaboration and socialization skills. Because it’s a small, contained space, a sandbox encourages children to play and share toys together. It also provides children with independence. Parents and teachers can oversee kids without stepping into the sandbox, and children can manipulate the sand without an adult’s assistance. This separation builds confidence and trust.

A final benefit of sandboxes is that they can boost a child’s immune system. Researchers believe that children who play outside are healthier than those who play in a sanitized indoor space. Of course, kids should only play with clean sand, and they should never put sand in their mouths.

Types of Equipment to Include with a Sandbox

While sand is fun all on its own, equipment will inspire countless play scenarios, and each toy will challenge children in a different way. From  garden tools to sand scoopers, there’s no shortage of commercial sandbox equipment for kids to enjoy. Variety will help keep little ones active and coming back for more, so don’t be afraid to go all out!

There are numerous benefits of sandbox play for young kids, and these should convince you to give children more playtime in your playground’s sandbox.