The Long-Term Value of Pour-In Playground Rubber

The Long-Term Value of Pour-In Playground Rubber

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Feb 19th 2024

Playgrounds cultivate children’s physical, social, and cognitive development. It’s only acceptable to build these spaces to the best of our abilities for the sake of children’s growth.

Pour-in playground rubber is a long-term investment of high value. Why is it so beneficial for playgrounds? Continue reading to find out more about the amazing qualities of pour-in playground rubber!

Inherently Durable and Safe for Children

Playground safety has evolved significantly since the days of gravel and woodchips. Unlike these traditional surfaces that compress, displace, or erode over time, pour-in rubber has a uniform consistency. This surfacing is favorable for its cushioning and impact attenuation. The severity of falls and injuries greatly decrease with this playground surface.

Versatile for Everchanging Playgrounds

Every playground includes fun equipment. Over the years, many components will need replacing or upgrading. That’s when pour-in playground rubber comes in handy!

This playground surface contours to the new structure. Flexibility spares playground owners the need to renovate or replace the entire surface with every structural update. Children will also benefit from the safety of the new equipment.

Capable of Draining Water

Pooling water nurtures mold, mildew, and an array of pests. It also diminishes the quality of the playground equipment. Pour-in playground rubber facilitates drainage thanks to its porous composition that allows water to flow through rather than remain on the surface.

Even after a heavy downpour, the playscape surface dries quickly. Plus, the playground equipment never has to sit in pooling water and risk preemptive degradation.

Easy and Inexpensive To Repair Over Time

The initial investment of pour-in playground rubber is higher than average materials, but the long-term value is incomparable.

The rubber is extremely tough and will need minimal repairs over its lifespan. When small tears and cuts occur, all you will need is a pour-in-place rubber surfacing kit to repair the imperfections. This will save you time and money on replacing the entire surface to fix a few blemishes.

Discount Playground Supply is ready to provide your playground with pour-in playground rubber! It’s the ideal choice to keep your playground looking great while remaining safe for children to play.