Things To Consider When Taking Your Kids to the Playground

Things To Consider When Taking Your Kids to the Playground

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Mar 9th 2022

Things To Consider When Taking Your Kids to the Playground

Taking children to the park requires parents or guardians to observe the surrounding areas. This would include the stability of the equipment, the maintenance of the ground surfacing, and whether anything appears outdated. Parents are a reliable resource for helping park administrators find problems to help them fix and improve the quality of playground equipment and other park amenities. Here are the things to consider when taking your kids to the playground.

Look Over the Park’s Surfacing

The first thing to look out for is surfacing and how well maintenance takes care of the grounds. Not only do scattered woodchips cause problems when running, but the material doesn’t absorb shock as well as rubber mulch does.

The surfacing a park uses can say a lot about how much thought is used to promote safety while playing. For example, when administrators choose sand or rubber mats, or rubber chips, they’re helping protect children against falls and are maintained better than other materials.

Be Careful Where You Step

It’s crucial that when your children play in the park, they watch where they step to avoid falling or tripping. Right before playing, check the surrounding area for visible obstructions or dividers that you can point out to your children to look out for.

If the play area has a broken plastic playground border, it’s crucial to alert maintenance crews so they can fix the problem right away.

Some other things to look out for on the playground include:

  • Broken sticks
  • Tree roots
  • Uneven surfacing

Look Out for Worn-Out Equipment

If a piece of equipment looks rusted, a bolt’s missing, or any part looks as if it’s about to fall off, it’s better to stay away and let the park know.

By voluntarily informing park administrators, they can find a better-enhanced version of the worn-out piece of equipment or fix the damaged part if it only needs minor improvements.

Stay in Age-Appropriate Play Areas

When parks provide multiple play areas for different age ranges, it’s essential to keep them in those areas. If a four-year-old child tries to play on a jungle gym that’s meant for someone between seven and nine, they will likely hurt themselves trying to play.

Ensure the signage posted has a required age range; that way, you know if your child’s old enough to play in that space.

The following equipment isn’t recommended for preschool-aged kids:

  • See-saws
  • Chain and cable bridges
  • Rock walls
  • Sliding poles

While looking over these considerations when taking children to the playground, you must inspect play areas yourself and inform park administration of any potential problems. Also, you can deliver your own ideas to increase safety.

Discount Playground Supply wants to provide the right equipment and kits to ensure safety is enforced and families enjoy a fun time at the playground. From parent to park administrator, both can collaboratively come together to create the most sound and inclusive park in the community. Contact us here for more information on expanding safety that meets parents' expectations.