Understanding ASTM & CPSC Standards for Commercial Playsets

Understanding ASTM & CPSC Standards for Commercial Playsets

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Feb 7th 2024

Children of varying ages and abilities love to visit playgrounds. It’s imperative to follow stringent standards to prevent accidents and injuries. These regulations cover aspects like the spacing between play equipment, the materials, and the design to reduce the risk of falls, entrapment, or other potential hazards.

Two key standards play a pivotal role in guaranteeing this: the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Here’s what you need to know to understand ASTM and CPSC standards for commercial playsets.

ASTM Standards

ASTM standards, specifically the ASTM F1487, are voluntary safety standards for playground equipment. They provide guidelines on safety performance specifications and methods of testing for playscape equipment designed for children ages 2–12. These standards account for factors such as the use zone, play equipment arrangement, and accessibility.

Selecting the appropriate materials for the equipment is also a concern. The ASTM standards provide guidance for durability, weather resistance, and absence of harmful substances for various playground equipment. Adhering to ASTM standards minimizes the potential for children’s injuries and enhances the usability of playsets.

CPSC Standards

CPSC’s Handbook for Public Playground Safety serves as a nationwide guideline that outlines safety information for play equipment. This resource provides detailed guidelines on designing, constructing, and maintaining public playscapes to minimize potential hazards.

CPSC guidelines also delve into specifics like the critical fall height, which is the maximum height a child can fall from without sustaining a life-threatening injury. Note that the CPSC guidelines are not laws but recommendations. However, they are widely respected and followed throughout the industry.

Commercial children’s play equipment relies on ASTM and CPSC standards to ensure a safe and exciting environment for children at play. Discount Playground prides itself on offering commercial playsets for a reasonable price. You can trust that every design abides by ASTM and SPSC standards.