Ways to Improve Community Space in an Apartment Complex

Ways to Improve Community Space in an Apartment Complex

Feb 19th 2020

Ways to Improve Community Space in an Apartment Complex

One of the most important areas of a successful apartment complex is the space where people can gather. This is the space where renters can join together and hang out together by the fire or hang out by themselves with others around at the dog park. A strong apartment community will get renters to stay longer and will encourage prospective renters to stay with you. Your step to ensuring happy renters and a successful complex is by providing people with the amenities they deserve.

In a previous post, we talked about the different apartment amenities that residents will love. We mentioned dog parks and outdoor dining areas, and the concept those two amenities get right is the communal nature. Sure, renters will want and enjoy their alone time, but often that’s what they get when they head to their room. When they step out the door, however, many renters are looking for community—that’s where you come in. You can transform the entire environment of the complex by giving them the opportunity to come together. If that’s something you think your renters deserve, we listed a few ways to improve community space in an apartment complex. From building an apartment garden to focusing on the people more than the rooms, these tips should help your complex feel more like home to a diverse range of people.

Designate Specific Outdoor Spaces

Your apartment’s outdoor space is where you can really emphasize community building. Especially if you’re not in a city, quality green space is what so many prospective renters look for. When you utilize that green space, they’ll be even more intrigued. Better yet, you can do a lot with the outdoor space. We list a few of our favorite outdoor space ideas, below.

Dog park

Dog parks are a great way to bring in more clientele and build community. You’ll bring in the renters who have pets and give them the space they need for a healthy animal and the space for interaction. Even if you don’t have a ton of green space to use, even a small area with a few tunnels and a tug around will show renters you care about their furry friends. Think about it this way—the more quality products you add to the park, the more time people will spend out there together.

Picnic area

Another important outdoor space is your outdoor picnic area. In general, communal dining areas give people a space to invite friends and family over, but in the warmer months, it also provides the perfect opportunity for connection. Renters will eat meals at the picnic benches. Whole floors will set up days to use the grills and enjoy the sunshine. When you give people the space to gather, they’ll use it.

Children’s playground

If you target a lot of families, then one of the biggest amenities you can offer is outdoor play areas. Even a few swing sets and a slide can be the deciding factor between your complex and somebody else’s. There are tons of benefits to public parks and playgrounds—you’ll help residents on their path to a healthier lifestyle, you’ll give them a place to clear the mind after a long day, and you’ll aid in children’s development. A playground is a great way to improve community space in an apartment complex.

Community garden

More and more cities are learning about the benefits of community gardens. Reap those same rewards when you make space for and encourage an apartment garden. You can split up plots per apartment, and then provide seeds or lessons on how to keep the garden bountiful. It’s a great way to draw people with similar interests together and make your complex a bit eco-friendlier.

Utilize Indoor Areas

It’s important to remember that community space isn’t just outdoors, so if you only have room for a small picnic area, you can still broaden your community by utilizing free indoor space. There are a few different ways for you to do so—we have some of our favorites listed below.

Hobby rooms

Some of the apartment complexes that creative minds are most interested in are the complexes that offer hobby rooms. For example, an apartment complex in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has a room specifically for DIYers. There’s woodworking equipment, tools—even a pottery station! Think about it as a space that gives your residents the opportunity to get in touch with their creative side. One of the best ways to improve the culture of a community is by getting people with similar interests together and letting them create—that’s what you’ll have here!


More of a perk than anything, offering a café of sorts will brighten residents’ moods and give them a calming place to hang out when the weather’s bad. If you can’t partner with a specific coffee shop, you can simply offer a coffee station. It’s another small area where people can gather together.


If you can offer a communal workspace, you’ll market your complex to another audience. Those who work remotely or run online businesses look for an apartment that fits their lifestyle. When they see an apartment with a communal workspace, that not only looks good but is a functional and calming area, they’ll be more likely to choose you. When it comes to building the community, familiar faces will see familiar faces and relationships will build.

Encourage Community Growth

Set up regular events

Now, once you’ve added some of those spaces to your complex, you’re going to have to set up regular events and showcase those areas. Think about events once or twice a month throughout the year that highlight each area. In the summer, you can hold grill nights or playground races with the kids. During the colder months, you can offer painting classes or bring a treat to the workspace. These events not only market the event but show residents that you care about their time, health, and enjoyment. When you show interest, residents will show up.

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Ways to Improve Community Space