What Is the Best Type of Chain for a Swing Set?

What Is the Best Type of Chain for a Swing Set?

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Sep 26th 2023

If you have a commercial swing set on your property or at your home, having the best chains on the set is essential to ensure the safety and upkeep of the equipment. Chains that snap easily or don’t move well with the swings are dangerous. If you’d like to improve or upgrade your commercial playground equipment, follow along as we discuss how to choose the best type of chain for a swing set.

Adjustable Chains

Chains come in a variety of sizes for swing sets; however, the recommended measurements are as follows:

  • 6.5 feet of chain for an 8-foot top rail frame with belt seats
  • 4 feet of chain for a 7-foot top rail frame with bucket seats
  • 5 feet of chain for an 8-foot top rail frame with bucket seats

Belt seats need more length due to the width of the belt. As you choose the chain size for your swing set, allow extra length and install chains that are adjustable. If you replace a swing or choose a different style down the road, the chain may need to be shorter or longer. Giving yourself a bit of leeway will allow you to easily accommodate future needs.

Coated Chains

The best chains are made of galvanized steel and coated for rust resistance and durability. The most common and strongest coatings are zinc, trivalent coating, and plastisol. Let’s look at each one.

Zinc Coating

Zinc is a popular choice for coating swing set chains because it offers a nice-looking finish and helps prevent corrosion and rust on the steel chain. Zinc coatings are adhered by dipping the chain to completely cover it.

Trivalent Coating

A trivalent coating is sprayed on the chain after the zinc coating is complete. It adds an extra layer of protection and is exceptionally resistant to rust and corrosion that stems from salt spray. For that reason, trivalent coatings are best suited for areas with salty air, such as coastal areas.

Plastisol Coating

Plastisol is a PVC coating that looks nice because it’s colorful. It’s also a great option for preventing little ones from pinching their fingers in the swingset chains. The downside, however, is that plastisol coatings won’t last as long as zinc and trivalent, so replacements are necessary sooner.

Easy To Link

When choosing the best type of chain for a swing set, remember that you’ll be connecting swings to it, so it must be easy to hook to. Cheap chains that aren’t designed well and coated properly will only cause you headaches as you try to install equipment. It’s also essential to have chains that are easy to attach items to, as this will make the process go more smoothly when it’s time to replace equipment.

At Discount Playground Supply, we take pride in carrying only the highest quality playground equipment, including our coated galvanized steel chains. We design all our commercial-grade swing set hardware for optimal performance and ease of use. If you have any questions regarding swing set hardware, please contact us; we will gladly help.