Why Outdoor Time Is Important for Kids

Why Outdoor Time Is Important for Kids

Apr 2nd 2020

Why Outdoor Time Is Important for Kids

Getting outside is hard during the winter. But as the weather shifts and the sun starts to shine a bit more, it’s important to get outside and get playing as soon as possible. With school closures and social isolation because of the coronavirus outbreak, you may feel it’s difficult to give your child that influential outdoor air time. Even a few minutes of running around the backyard or drawing with chalk on the driveway or front steps will give your kids the outdoor playtime they need for development. Read more below to understand why outdoor time is important for kids—check it out!

It Helps Increase Their Imagination

Imagination is key in children—and honestly, in adults too. Outdoor play provides children with the opportunity to be anything they want. They can be a bear in the wild, a gymnast on an outdoor mat, a prince or princess high at the top of the swing set tower. When you let kids just go out and play, whether it’s one child or more, they’ll tap into their creativity.

They’ll Gain an Appreciation for Nature

Probably one of the best parts of letting kids go outside and explore is their newfound appreciation for nature. When you let them hang out, let them envelop themselves in free play, they’ll be even more likely to see the beauty of the flowers or the fascination of a worm. Children learn best about the natural elements and their surroundings when they’re out actually experiencing it. Partner home enrichment by taking your kid to the backyard to experience these things themselves.

Improves Their Physical Development

Another important benefit of outdoor playtime for children is that it improves their physical development. Physical skills are important for everybody’s growth, and when children play outdoors, they increase their ability to play. They improve their balancing, climbing, jumping, throwing, running, and general movement abilities.

They Need that Sunshine

Especially if there’s been quite a bit of gloom with rain or winter weather, when the sun gets out, it’s time to go outside. It isn’t important for only kids to get vitamin D; it’s important for adults too. Head out to the backyard with the kids and play with them. Sunshine and vitamin D play a crucial role in our body’s processes, from bone development to strengthening the immune system. Soak up the sunshine!

With all that’s going on with the coronavirus outbreak, it can seem pretty strange to get into a successful home routine with kids. Make sure you add in some outdoor playtime so that the kids can reap the benefits of what we mentioned above. Let them enjoy the sunshine! If your backyard playground needs a touch-up or you want to give the kids something fun to play with, turn to Discount Playground Supply. We have swing set hardware kits to keep your backyard set safe, and so much more. Peruse our site and bring some joy to the backyard!