Why Playground Cleaning Is Important

Why Playground Cleaning Is Important

Jul 7th 2020

Why Playground Cleaning Is Important

Cleanliness and proper hygiene are necessary for good health. The cleanliness of playground equipment is no exception. As the number of children playing on your playground increases, the chances of the equipment carrying disease or sickness on its surfaces also rises. Read this article to learn more about why playground cleaning is important.

It’s necessary for passing health and safety inspections

When you clean your playground, you should be aware of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. These guidelines will help you to properly clean your equipment without investing unnecessary time and money in the process. For instance, using disinfectant to clean your playground is not very effective. Therefore, doing so will waste your time. Instead, clean your metal equipment with a diluted bleach solution and water. By cleaning every piece of equipment with the right products, you will avoid toxicity and pass health and safety inspections.

It will prevent damage to your equipment

Some types of equipment require cleaning to maintain their structure and durability. For example, when you do not clean for a very long time, your equipment will collect grease, which might lead to mold or rust. Not only will your playground become unsanitary, but it will also start to wear down. A playground that could last a decade might end up only lasting a few years. Depending on the primary equipment, your playground could even become unusable within one year.

Spot cleaning will make it easier on primary cleaning days

While the weather is nice, you will benefit from spot cleaning every day or at least once per week. This way, you can make sure that the playground is in perfect condition for the children who play on it the next day. These small adjustments will make the workload easier for you on regular cleaning days. If you have the time to spot-clean throughout your workday, it will be worth your effort.

It will improve your reviews and ratings

Whether you work for a school or a playground company, you want your playground to look attractive. Remember that most parents care about cleanliness, and they will notice if your equipment is not clean. Many parents will stop taking their children to your playground if they see grease, rust, or buildup on surfaces. Some of them might even write bad reviews. If you want people to keep coming to your playground, make sure that it looks like you put effort into keeping it clean.

Those are just a few reasons why playground cleaning is important. At Discount Playground Supply, we have various playground products such as commercial playsets, swing sets, and replacement slides.