Why Recess Is an Essential Part of the School Day

Why Recess Is an Essential Part of the School Day

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Feb 11th 2022

Why Recess Is an Essential Part of the School Day

Recess is a healthy reminder that children can spend time away from textbooks and play outside. These breaks during the day have proven to increase performance throughout the school year. They encourage children to step away from their work and learn how to decompress from sitting in a classroom. These are the reasons why recess is an essential part of the school day.

Better Academic Performance

The more free time a student has outside of the classroom during the school day, the more academic success they tend to have. When they’re at recess, kids have the time to walk around, play, and explore their senses. The more physical activity a child experiences, the more energized they feel to take on the rest of class. This is true even for rowdier students.

For students to focus, they need to move. When children are at play, they start to develop better cognitive skills and even experience increased oxygen levels in the brain.

Fewer Problems in the Classroom

Most of the time, students don’t go to the principal’s office because they’re “bad”; it’s because they don’t have enough opportunity to move around. When children have to sit still for too long, they find negative ways to expel their energy.

Studies have found that when children spend more time outside, they discover healthier ways to mitigate stress and use their energy. Even after just a fifteen-minute walk around the block, children exhibit better classroom behavior during the day.

Students Feel More Engaged

When they’re bored and antsy, children struggle to care about their schoolwork. So, to help kids feel more excited about the next lesson plan, whether it’s math or science, allow them to go outside and play for a while.

Being outside gives them a break from the classroom, and as they explore the outdoors, their interest in learning will increase.

Social Skills Vastly Improve

Many children might find socializing hard during lunch or a group assignment, but recess offers a completely different dynamic. Often, they become more outgoing when outside running around.

Recess is a perfect opportunity for children to break out of their shells a little more and play with children their age. Also, it’s the perfect opportunity for them to discover themselves and find a friend group that’ll last forever.

Children Become Independent Learners

Children need recreation time, as it encourages independent learning. As kids play outside, they learn more about rules and boundaries. Schools can set up plastic playground borders to keep certain areas separate and establish rules for each section. These boundaries encourage children to practice good judgment and critical thinking, even in play.

Recess is a vital opportunity for children to learn, and that’s the most important thing school administrators should think about when debating why recess is an essential part of the school day.

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