3 Ways To Keep Playgrounds Safe With Improved Drainage

3 Ways To Keep Playgrounds Safe With Improved Drainage

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Dec 22nd 2022

3 Ways To Keep Playgrounds Safe With Improved Drainage

Playground professionals face many maintenance challenges. One sore spot is weather damage. While it’s not an everyday occurrence, it becomes troublesome if a park maintenance crew lacks the proper tools to drain the play area safely. If you’re seeking a better way to keep the playground safe from future floods, here are three key ways to keep playgrounds safe with improved drainage.

Drain Grate

You might find the easiest solution to your flooding problem is a drain grate. After putting in new surfacing, install a drain grate. Open drain grilles should be parallel and sloped so it’s easier for water to drain and evacuate to an external draining system.

Sump Pump

If your area experiences severe thunderstorms and high chances of heavy rain, you may need a sump pump. This electrical drain system is suitable for parks near bodies of water like streams, lakes, and rivers. The aggressive pumping system gives leeway for easier draining to connected sewers.

French Drain

A French drain is different. This drain keeps water out at all times with a pre-fabricated pipe lined with geotextile material to keep out silt and other contaminants. This drain runs on the perimeter of the play area rather than the park’s center or side. A French drain works well if your playground is consistently flooded.

How Does Standing Water Accumulate in the Playground?

Standing water typically happens after an influx of rain. Towns in wet environments will flood frequently. The best way to combat this problem is to install a reliable draining system and maintain the areas for the future. It’s essential to protect your playground surfacing, especially in wet places. Take these drain suggestions for playgrounds to stop future floods and damage from happening in the first place.

After buying pour-in-place rubber surfacing, top off your purchase with a conditioner to prevent future water damage. While it doesn’t solve drainage directly, the playground maintains its integrity through every flash flood. Find all you need for surface repair, replacement, and installation at Discount Playground Supply!