9 Tips for Keeping Kids Active During the Winter

9 Tips for Keeping Kids Active During the Winter

Dec 2nd 2019

9 Tips for Keeping Kids Active During the Winter

Winter is just around the corner, which means chilly air and falling snow. If you live in a locale that gets covered in the winter aesthetic, then you probably worry about your kids getting enough exercise in every day. Gone are the days where you can take a long walk outside with them or go on a family five-mile bike ride—or so you think. There’s a myriad of ways to get outside or just generally keep active during the winter, for both you and the kids. It’s important for children to stay active all year-round, so to help you on your quest for winter exercise, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite tips for keeping kids active during the winter. Read on for ways to keep the young ones—and yourself—moving!

Go on a Winter Wonder-Walk

As much as you may not want to, getting outside is an incredible way to keep yourself and your kids active during the winter. As long as you bundle up, a nice walk around the neighborhood will do the body good. It will get your heart-rate up and minimize your chances of getting sick—the more you stay trapped indoors, the more likely you’ll catch different germs and bacteria. Head on a winter wonder-walk to your nearest park and take in all the season’s wonder. Snow-covered branches and gleaming sunlight are a joy you and your children will love to share.

Register for Indoor Classes

Summer is full of different activities for children, whether it be team sports or tennis lessons. When winter rolls around, these activities come to a halt, leaving children without a chance to burn off their excess energy. Instead of wrangling in a child who didn’t get to do anything active before bedtime, register your kids for some active indoor classes. From gymnastics to swimming classes, children’s gyms offer many indoor activities!

Limit Electronics Time

A huge tip to keep your kids active during the winter comes into play with technology. Many children, and people in general, turn to unhealthy habits to keep themselves preoccupied during the colder months. If that’s your child’s habit, then do your best to limit their screen time. Not only will this help with their physical activity level, but it will also transfer into the growth and development of their social skills.

Play in the Snow

If you get a lot of snow, take advantage of it and play outside in the fluffy stuff! From snow angels to snowball fights, there are plentiful ways to get your kids’ exercise when you take advantage of the snow. Especially when it comes to making snowmen and women, playing in the snow ends up being quite the workout. You could also always have them help you shovel the snow.

Have a Dance Party

If it truly is too chilly to go outside, have a dance party inside! Dance will get fun movement in your day, and your kids will love it! Pop on their favorite tunes, find a karaoke machine, or turn on a dance game, and enjoy the endorphins that come both from watching your kids have fun and dancing with them! If you keep it going for thirty minutes, you and your kids will get a fabulous workout in.

Create a Movement Jar

If you’re getting stuck on what to do to get the kids moving, add these ideas and a few others to a ‘movement jar’. This can be your place to turn to if you find yourself tapped out on what to do to keep your kids active. Fill it up with slips of paper with different phrases and activities that call for some sort of movement. They can be as simple as “crab walk around the house” to more complex like “ice skate in the back yard” but either way, these ideas will get everyone moving when you feel as though you have no ideas.

Head to the Playground

Like we’ve mentioned above, getting outdoors is one of the best ways to stay active during the winter, and of course, playgrounds are always a wonderful choice! It’s time to change your perspective that playgrounds are only for the warmer months; in fact, there’s a lot to love about playgrounds in the winter. As long your parks and playgrounds follow proper maintenance tips, you and the kiddos can make the most out of your local spot. They can run around, play on the swings, and meet their friends. You can even get your exercise in with the different outdoor fitness stations available. There’s a lot to find at parks and playgrounds that will keep your kids active throughout the season!

Mesh Exercise and Education

Education and exercise pair quite well together, and one of our favorite tips for keeping kids active during winter involves just that. When you’re short on exercise ideas, think about what you can do to help them learn! Head to a museum and get their exercise in by walking through the various exhibits. Head on a walk to hand out food drive slips to neighbors’ homes and teach them the importance of helping the community. Or maybe, if it’s possible, you can walk to school instead of driving. There are endless ways to get them moving when you pair the two aspects.

Set Up an Indoor Activity Space

Another great way to keep your kids active in the winter is by setting up an indoor space where they can be active. Set up a corner in the basement or even have one room become the play area during a specific time of day. Designating this area will help your kids feel more comfortable about getting exercise and movement in while indoors. Grab a few medicine balls, tape a hopscotch on the floor, or even get some playsets that work in your space!

From playsets to updated fitness items for your local park, turn to Discount Playground Supply. We have what you need to keep your kids active during the colder months. You’ll be glad you kept them moving!

How to Keep Kids Active During the Winter