Benefits of Adding a Dog Park to Your Apartment Complex

Benefits of Adding a Dog Park to Your Apartment Complex

Feb 6th 2020

Benefits of Adding a Dog Park to Your Apartment Complex

If you’re the owner or manager of an apartment complex, then you’re probably constantly thinking about the different ways you can improve resident retention. You want your complex to have a solid curb appeal, but you also want that to run deeper and create a space that residents will love. When you work to create a property that’s desirable to live in, people are that much more likely to rent from you.

In a previous post, we talked about the different amenities that your residents will love. One of those aspects was providing more green space for guests. Now, this green space can include a lot of things— a playground for kids, picnic tables and benches, and walking trails. Take that space further and create a dog park! It may not be the first addition that comes to mind, but it can add a lot to your apartment complex. Learn more benefits of adding a dog park to your apartment complex here.

You’ll Draw from a Wider Prospect Pool

When your complex isn’t pet-friendly, you’re really limiting your prospect pool. When you open it up to include pets, sure you’ll get more potential residents, but you’ll get even more if these prospects see how you care about the animals they’re bringing in. Many people view their pets as their family, so they’ll want to live somewhere that will treat their pets well, too.

When you build a dog park for your complex, you’ll showcase how not only are pets allowed, but that pets are welcomed and enjoyed—not something that needs to be shut inside the room all day.

They Draw in Well-Behaved Pets

Dogs who get plenty of physical and mental exercise tend to behave much better than those locked inside a room all day. When they spend their energy running around outside, they’ll have less energy to get into trouble, which means way less cases of another resident complaining about a barking dog or problematic pup.

They’re Great Socializing Spaces

Not only are the parks a great place for the dogs to run off energy and socialize, but they’re also wonderful community builders for residents. Just like how green space in an apartment complex helps residents find peace after a long day, dog parks bring like-minded individuals in close contact with one another. It’s a place for discussion between dog-owners, providing an enhanced apartment experience that goes a long way toward the complex feeling like home.

It’ll Add to Your Property Value

The more amenities your apartment complex has, the higher the property value. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; the more amenities and bonus features added to a property, the more it’s worth. For example, a space with a large yard will be worth more than one with no yard. Similarly, a complex with a dog park (green space) is worth more than a complex with no park or green space.

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