Why Gaga Ball Is Called the Playground Equalizer

Why Gaga Ball Is Called the Playground Equalizer

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Oct 4th 2021

Why Gaga Ball Is Called the Playground Equalizer

We’re going crazy over this fun game that brings in players of all ages. The game we can’t get enough of is gaga ball. Even though it has no association with singer Lady Gaga, it can be challenging to decipher what this game is all about. As a newcomer, you’ll get hooked on the game and its overall concept. While its basics are similar to dodgeball, gaga ball takes it a step further and has players use one hand to try to hit the ball to the other side to knock a player out. Does this sound like fun or what? Find out why gaga ball is called the playground equalizer and why so many can’t get enough of the game.

The Benefits of Gaga Ball

Even though gaga ball lacks people-picking for teams, the game has many individualistic benefits for players. One of the benefits is improved physical skills and abilities, such as jumping, dodging, and striking. Others include strategic thinking. When developing strategic thinking, thinking on your feet is highly encouraged! There are plenty more benefits of playing gaga ball. These benefits help improve a player’s cognitive and motor skills.

The Importance of Socially Inclusive Sports and Games

Gaga ball is a socially inclusive game that brings people across all spectrums together for friendly, competitive fun. Gaga ball is an important game that involves plenty of inclusion; inclusive social games, such as gaga ball, matter to those who still want to partake in play.

Equality and Participation Get Noticed

The great thing about gaga ball that attracts players is how easy it is to play and learn. Many other games like dodgeball and hockey require practice and the ability to think fast. For gaga ball, no player feels inferior to others while playing.

Special Needs Students Can Play, Too

As much as participation becomes equalized, many games limit the abilities of special needs students. As special needs students get sidelined, other students who perform better in a sport or game may tease those who learn new skills more slowly. Special needs students are encouraged to play at their own pace with gaga ball and work in smaller groups if needed.

Financing a Gaga Ball Pit

Affording a gaga ball pit shouldn’t be an unachievable dream. Whether you’re looking for a gaga ball pit to install in a school, park, or even at a campsite, financing might be an issue. Luckily, depending on the version of gaga ball you play, you can get an idea of suitable materials to purchase for your gaga ball pit. As a school board administrator or a park administrator, you can find the right portable gaga ball pit kit for sale near you.

Gaga ball is a fun game for everyone in the community. At Discount Playground Supply, we give our customers the best materials to use to help improve their parks by making the area inclusive and helping others develop motor skills. Get your park ready with a gaga ball pit.