Why Surface Repair Is Essential for Playgrounds

Why Surface Repair Is Essential for Playgrounds

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Apr 28th 2022

Why Surface Repair Is Essential for Playgrounds

Safe playgrounds have solid, flat ground with a little give. Park administrative teams should consider using rubber surfacing for their parks instead of concrete or mulch. Mulch is a natural wood that rots and breeds unwanted germs, and concrete isn’t any better. Concrete is a hard manufactured material that can cause injury.

It is essential to give your town a fun park worth going to and to maintain the play area surfacing. Let’s take some time to learn why surface repair is essential for playgrounds.

Playground Safety

Children fall and hurt themselves when the ground’s broken. You can tell a terrain needs repairs when it’s uneven, cracked, or has multiple rises, such as hills or curved edges.

When the ground curves or cracks, children can trip and hurt themselves. The best way to avoid trips and falls is to make repairs.

Repairs increase the lifespan of your playground’s surface and help children stay safe while playing. The more often you make necessary repairs, the less frequently injuries occur and the fewer problems you have to fix.

Fewer Problems

A lot goes on at parks—from special events to litter clean-up and installing new park amenities. All this activity causes wear and tear.

Without regular maintenance, damage to playground equipment and surfacing becomes an issue. When enhancing your park, you need to pay attention to the most vulnerable areas, especially if you’re redesigning the layout.

Take a moment to meet with your team to plan when you should perform maintenance on the playground surfacing. Dedicate one day a week to inspecting and fixing flooring to keep it in good shape.

Your Care Shows

The amount of work you put into repairs adds value to the community. For residents to use the park, recreational teams must maintain recreational areas, including the playground.

The best way to add more value to your park and decrease maintenance costs is to use poured rubber playground flooring. Poured rubber flooring absorbs the shock from falls and is a quick fix for any holes, splits, or cracks in your current terrain.

There are many benefits to fixing your playground surface, such as:

  • Adequate surfacing reduces drainage issues
  • Safe surfaces comply with ADA and other playground safety standards
  • Properly maintained surfacing enhances the playground’s appearance

Every community needs a park that feels safe and has amenities to appreciate. Help your community improve its parks by collaborating with Discount Playground Supply. We offer tool kits for easy repairs and enhancements. Reach out to us here for more ways our products can improve the playground in your park.