Tips for Getting Your Playset Ready for Winter

Tips for Getting Your Playset Ready for Winter

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Oct 30th 2020

Tips for Getting Your Playset Ready for Winter

The winter can wreak havoc on your home and yard. If you don’t properly prepare, the damage can become expensive and cause irreplaceable harm. One example, in particular, can be your children’s most valuable possession—the back-yard playset. If you’re not sure how to protect this summer essential, you’ll find these tips for getting your playset ready for the winter incredibly helpful.

Take a Look at the Playset’s Current Condition

Take time to thoroughly examine your children’s playset. It’s important to do so before and after the winter season so you can spot any possible changes caused by the weather.

If you stumble across any necessary maintenance during your initial inspection, take the time to repair them before any major snow arrives.

Cleaning Things Up and Weather-Related Debris

When snow melts, it can cause fallen debris to become permanent features of your playset. To avoid this, clean your playset by sweeping away any weather-related debris that piles up during the fall season. This includes things such as dead leaves, branches, and any other items that come from the outdoors.

If you have a wooden playset, fallen debris can even cause mold and mildew to grow. It may not seem like a major necessity, but cleaning away this debris can ultimately help you avoid unnecessary repairs and replacements.

You can also give the playset one final clean up by splashing a water and soap solution on the playset’s surface. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you also want to properly sanitize the playset, both before and after the season. You can find more about cleaning plastic playground equipment here.

Remove and Store Any Detachable Parts

If your playset has any removable parts, such as slides, swings, and rope features, you should properly remove and store them for the season. The weather can cause considerable damage to these items because they’re fabricated from different materials than the corrosion-resistant metal used in playground structures.

For example, over time, ropes can turn into mold and bacteria hotspots as they absorb rain and melting ice. For this reason, it’s important to remove and store all the pieces to your playset that are detachable. If there are features you aren’t able to remove, such as sandboxes or jungle gyms, cover them with a weatherproof tarp or cover. This will ensure you’re able to prolong your playset’s lifespan throughout the upcoming seasons.

Utilizing these three tips for getting your playset winter-ready will ensure your children can still enjoy the same high-quality playground equipment upon the warm weather’s return. For unavoidable damage to your rubber playground surfacing, Discount Playground Supply offers a repair kit that works as a simple solution to weather-caused damage such as surfacing cracks and splits.

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